How It Works

5 Simple Steps To Get The Maximum Out of Your Listing

1. Choose a listing type

Business – This listing type is for businesses with a physical location. Ideal for Companies, Local Shops, Brands, Businesses etc.

Person – This listing is for creating profile/resume/about page for individuals who’re offering any service. Ideal for Freelancers/Professionals (Web Designers, Accountant), Casual Workers (Electricians, Plumbers).

Real Estate – This listing types is for properties (like House, Room, Apartment etc.) for sale or rent/lease.


2. Create an account

To submit your first Listing, you must first create an account.

Tip: If you already have a Google or Facebook account, it makes it much easier to sign up.

3. Choose a listing package

Pick a Listing Package that best meets your needs and your budget.

Tip: Subscriptions can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any time.


4. Complete Your Listing

Fill all the required details. While not all fields are required to get started, we recommend that Listings be as complete as possible.

Tip: The more complete your Listing is the better chance you have of getting found on Google.


5. Checkout

Enter your payment information, which is securely transmitted to and stored by an industry leading online payment processor – Paypal.

Once your payment is submitted, we will review your listing and you will receive an email with your order information.


Choose A Listing Type

We offer listings for Businesses, Persons (Individuals) & Real Estate. Choose one which suits you the best.

Create Your Listing

Create an account & fill in all the required details to complete your listing. Submit the listing and we’ll review it for you.


Make Your Presence Known

Share Your Listing’s link on social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.) and leverage our platform’s features.