About Us

Daily Need Market - Making it easier to grow online

Why DailyNeed.Market?

Amplify Online Presence

By adding your listing, it gets easier for potential clients to find you. This helps them to find & connect with you much faster.

Unbelievable Price

Perhaps the lowest price you can get in any business directory. Our plans start from as low as Rs.1 per day.


Improve local visibility

We offer advance filters to enable your potential customers to connect with you in local area.

Rank higher on Google

Adding a listing in dailyneed.market provide a valuable backlink which boosts SEO and helps you to rank higher in Google.

Our Story


Who We Are?

DailyNeed.Market – India’s Business Directory & Marketplace (previously TruePal) was started in 2011 with the aim to make it easier for small businesses and freelancers to establish their online presence. Along with increasing online visibility, and exposing your listing to a wider audience, dailyneed.market offer an inexpensive and incredibly powerful system that has proven to help you get more clients over internet.

Our Mission

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About the founder

Hi, I’m Pranav Mahajan, Founder & CEO of dailyneed.market.

Started my first company at the age of 9, I’m working as web developer from last 9 years having developed 150+ professional websites. I’m experienced with WordPress, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Graphic Designing, PPC Campaigns, Client Management, and Business Strategy.

After years in the web development industry, I realised that it was really difficult & expensive for local business owners to get their business online.

I strongly believe that everyone deserves to have an online presence. My mission is to remove any technical & financial barriers that can restrict individuals & business owners from getting & growing into this online world.